WRTL Newsletter #15 - January 2016

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WRTL Newsletter #15 - January 2016 Empty WRTL Newsletter #15 - January 2016

Post by rabid squirrel on Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:40 pm

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! Here's an update from We Ride the Lines. Here's to 2016 being a great year for Line Rider!

January 2016

Site News
Track ReleasesEngaged Riding
Version Development
  • @LoneVampire has released revision 1.51 of Line Rider: Advanced. Major added features include contact point breakage indication, lifelock, transparency with contact points, angle lock, superzoom, adjustable scenery lines, and toggle for white background.
  • @mhenr18, who some of you may remember from a long time ago, is back with a new utility called lrtools, that converts LRA .trk files to Beta 2 .sol files, making all the current versions mostly compatible. It is currently a mac-only program, but mhenr18 plans to make it cross compatible. In the meantime, ask rabid if you need a .trk converted.
Upcoming Stuff!

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WRTL Newsletter #15 - January 2016 Empty Re: WRTL Newsletter #15 - January 2016

Post by ScrungleBlumpkus on Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:56 pm

wait what
I bet we can hit 10000 distance easy if we play it right, shel

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