WRTL Newsletter #24 - November 2016

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WRTL Newsletter #24 - November 2016

Post by Apple on Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:38 pm

Happy November 1st! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.

November 2016

Site News

  • The site again has a chat functionality. Come say hello while you’re on the forum!
  • Some small changes to the site will be arriving shortly. Stay tuned.

Track Releases

Tidbits and Oddballs

  • Oct 05 - Cool Kids by @Wizzy - An amazing scened track with an awesome ending. Not quite complete, but amazing nonetheless.
  • Oct 12 - Wind Up Toy and 2:27 am by @Rabid Squirrel - Two interesting tracks. Wind Up Toy is a CotM entry and 2:27 is “experimental artwork.” Both worth a watch.

Engaged Riding

  • CotM 35 results should be out by next weekend. Stay tuned.
  • CotM 36 will be up soon after the results of CotM 35 come out!

Version Development

  • A new release candidate is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks. Keep a look out.
  • No news to report about LRJS.

Upcoming Stuff!

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