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Valence 3 by Sheldon

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Valence 3 by Sheldon Empty Valence 3 by Sheldon

Post by Opal Rider on Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:42 pm

Valence 3

Link for Mobile Users

Created by @Sheldon and Monument by @rabid squirrel
Original thread

Because we always keep pretending that technical quirk is dead until Sheldon releases another track. Sometimes the camera can barely follow Bosh, hope you don't get motion sick.


@hypothet wrote:this track impresses me.

Dapianokid wrote:Also, truly a masterpiece. Worthy of a shoe, in my opinion. The pinnacle of fling quirk and by far my favorite music sync ever.

@Yobanjojoe wrote:Probably the best music sync moment in any track so far

@Orthuss wrote:I'm so goddamn filled with determination right now.

@Helios Pavonine wrote:This track is as important to fling quirk as Inhibitions is to XY.

With that said, I'm super happy to see legends like you still playing and innovating the game. Hedge would be proud.

@Rafael wrote:That was phenomenal. Kramual fling is epic, although I didn't see it on first watch.

@SPL4SHZ0N3 wrote:This is the triumph of fling quirk.

You literally just did lines!

Opal Rider
Opal Rider

Aestetikally appealing

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