WRTL Newsletter #11 - July 2015

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WRTL Newsletter #11 - July 2015 Empty WRTL Newsletter #11 - July 2015

Post by rabid squirrel on Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:58 pm

Lots of great stuff is happening this summer - unfortunately I'm pretty busy, and am only going to get more so in July. But here's an update!

July 2015

Site News
Track ReleasesEngaged Riding
  • The June Contest of the Month, the XYZ Maze Contest, was a huge success with nine entries. Congrats to @Z_N-Freak for winning, and thanks to @OTDE for hosting!
  • And Congrats to @OTDE for winning May's Contest of the Month, the XYZ Fusion Contest. And look for a video for April's contest, Bosh Olympics, very soon! (sorry for the huge delay on this one)
  • SCG has started a Sonic Speed / Animation Collab. If you want to try out animation at high speed, go check it out!
  • If you think your skills are up to the test, you can go participate in the Gigaquirk Collab!
  • The Hidden Track Competition is still going on, with all the teams in various stages of completion. Hopefully we will have a poll sometime.
  • If you're looking for a low-key WCC collab, check out the Relaxing Collab or the No Flatsledding Collab.
  • If you're looking to do scenery, Phunky (the current Community Scenery Project) and the Forest Scenery Project, are sitting open much of the time these days - help us out!
  • Blackheart has stalled in the modern quirk section. If you are interested, please let us know!
Version Development
  • I was hoping that this news would become irrelevant, so I waited a bit on reporting on it, but kevansevans has unofficially quit developing 3.4.X and left We Ride the Lines, making 3.4.25 the final version of 3.4.X. It has been updated as the "Play Line Rider" link at the top of the site and will remain the official Line Rider version of WRTL for the time being.
  • In more positive news, @LoneVampire just released a teaser for a new build he is working on, Line Rider: Advanced. Features include lag reduction, integrated music syncing, playback scrubbing (fast forward/rewind on steroids), line modification, and many of the features you can already find in 3.4.x. There's no actual release yet but people are going nuts over the teaser video. If you're like me and did not see this coming at all, go check the thread!
  • No news this month on LineOnline.
Upcoming Stuff!
Awards this month (these will continue to be updated throughout the month)

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WRTL Newsletter #11 - July 2015 Empty Re: WRTL Newsletter #11 - July 2015

Post by Rafael on Fri Jul 03, 2015 7:18 pm

I just love these. Keep it up Smile

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