WRTL Newsletter #21 - July 2016

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WRTL Newsletter #21 - July 2016 Empty WRTL Newsletter #21 - July 2016

Post by Apple on Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:54 pm

Happy Fourth of July! And for those of you who don’t live in the US, happy July fourth! Lots of changes happened at the forums this last month.

July 2016

Site News

Track Releases

Engaged Riding
  • The Stall Contest is this months CotM! Submit as many entries you wish. All entries are due by July 25th!
  • The Community Scenery Project Triumph Scened is still chugging along. Parts are open to anyone who wishes to practice their scenery!
  • Interrobang 2 is also under way. If you’d like to make a part of it, let us know!

Version Development
  • No news to report on LRA.
  • No news to report on LRJS.

Upcoming Stuff!

2015 Tracks
Rutabaga - Marble Soda - Sausage Rolls and Chips and Queso - Nonsense - The Sketchbook Sessions  Hummingbird - midnight adventure

2016 Tracks
Here - Hello How Are You - 12 Juin 3049 - The Mountain Will Fall - LYI - RINGS - Rigamortis

2017 Tracks
Calamari!! - Hasta la Raiź

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