WRTL Newsletter #22 - August 2016

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WRTL Newsletter #22 - August 2016

Post by Apple on Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:20 pm

Summer is nearing an end. With most people busy with summer classes or working, it’s been a pretty slow month.

August 2016

Site News
  • A new forum chat system is in the works. Stay tuned for more information.
  • This month's CotM is the first Reddit collaborated contest! We are accepting entries from both Reddit and the forums.

Track Releases
  • BRAGGADOCIO by @OTDE featuring @Rabid Squirrel - A very interesting manuquirk with scribbly scenery from OTDE and some very impressive animation done by Rabid come together to make a really good Line Rider track.
  • Jitterbug by @Anton - Another simple idea taken to the extreme by Anton. Some of the most impressive hand flings around.
  • And Yet by @OTDE - An experimental track made from two tracks and overlaying them on top of each other.
  • The Desolation of Smoog (Re-edit) by @Wizzy - A re-edit of The Desolation of Smoog. Wizzy added sound effects and edited some other things about the original.

Engaged Riding
  • Congrats to the winner of COtM 34, OTDE! The stall contest was a success with a total of 6 contestants and 16 stalls.
  • COtM 35 is now underway! The goal is to make the best track you can with 40 lines. Send your submissions to OTDE on the forum or on Reddit.
  • If you want to continue a WCC collab or start your own, post it in the Engaged Riding section!

Version Development
  • No news to report about LRA.
  • No news to report about LRJS.

Upcoming Stuff!

2015 Tracks
Rutabaga - Marble Soda - Sausage Rolls and Chips and Queso - Nonsense - The Sketchbook Sessions  Hummingbird - midnight adventure

2016 Tracks
Here - Hello How Are You - 12 Juin 3049 - The Mountain Will Fall - LYI - RINGS - Rigamortis

2017 Tracks
Calamari!! - Hasta la Raiź

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