WRTL Newsletter #10 - June 2015

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WRTL Newsletter #10 - June 2015 Empty WRTL Newsletter #10 - June 2015

Post by rabid squirrel on Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:36 pm

Many people have been busy lately with crunch time at the end of the school year. Here's to a summer with lots of great stuff!

June 2015

Site News
  • We have a new Line Rider Legend! @SethComposerGuy has been on the brink for a long time and his most recent track put him over the edge.
  • The Line Rider Legends Forum Section bios are coming along slowly. UnConed, Holcomb227, TechDawg, and Namtlade all have completed bios and Anomaly76 has one in the works.
  • We had one new featured movie in the last month, Roses & Violets by @LineRiderGjert. Go watch it if you haven't already!
Track Releases
  • Funspiration by @SethComposerGuy - An enormous omnitrack from the returning SCG, with a animation section at the end that is nothing short of mindblowing.
  • Roses & Violets by @LineRiderGjert - A track that experiments with using red and blue lines to create "scenery" in color playback
  • Driftwood by @rabid squirrel - A smooth, somewhat abstract scenery track by myself.
  • Abandon 2 by @Opal Rider - A chill manuquirk by Opal with lots of ingenious moments and attention to aesthetics.
  • Crust by @Pawel3 - A new manuquirk by Pawel with integration and recycling that approaches the absurd.
  • Reptile by @Lukking - A new short quirk from Lukking - fast-paced and intense.
  • Tinder Love by @Anton - A short collection of tracks from a new guy who is surprisingly good
  • Stoop by @Shammies - A new track by shammies in his signature style.
  • Peace by @OTDE - An omnitrack that tells a story about coming home.
  • 制限 by @Chuggers - A short track by Chuggers with strange editing.
  • Tinker by The WCC - The experiment collab from the WCC. Lots of people experimented with lots of things.
  • The Petals Fall Thrice by The WCC - The 200 line collab, which turned out as mostly comedic with some lulzy editing.
  • A Ride to the Book Store by Wizzy - Another tablet track by Wizzy with some scenery.
Engaged Riding
  • The May Contest of the Month, XYZ Fusion, was a success with six entries. Look for a video very soon! We are still waiting on the Bosh Olympics results from efrazable.
  • The Hidden Track Competition is still going on, with all the teams in various stages of completion. Hopefully everyone will finish this month.
  • If you're looking for a low-key WCC collab, check out the Relaxing Collab or the No Flatsledding Collab.
  • If you're looking to do scenery, Phunky (the current Community Scenery Project) and the Forest Scenery Project, are sitting open much of the time these days - help us out!
  • Blackheart has stalled as we have nobody to make the modern quirk section. If you are interested, please take it!
Version Development
Upcoming Stuff!
Awards this month (these will continue to be updated throughout the month)

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