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Roses & Violets by LRG

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Roses & Violets by LRG Empty Roses & Violets by LRG

Post by rabid squirrel on Sun May 17, 2015 4:55 pm

Roses & Violets


Created by @LineRiderGjert
Original post: https://iridethelines.forumotion.com/t11052-lrg-roses-violets

LRG returns to Line Rider, with a new unconventional approach to scenery.

Cereal wrote:Daaaang that was awesome.
gaoyubao wrote:This is incredible.
Yobanjojoe wrote:that was dope as hell
Chuggers wrote:coolest track in a while
RyderLR wrote:You're my favorite.
Anton wrote:Anyone else familiar with that strange stomache-tickle you get after being gravely impressed?
Opal Rider wrote:That was some serious eye candy. Really awesome concept and execution.
Lukking wrote:Thats exactly the level of creativity we need!!!
Getthim wrote:oh my gosh, you are my inspiration, that was flipping awesome both the track and the "scenery", espicially the mirror image that was amazing
WTB wrote:I love it when tracks make me grin.
That was absolutely a blast to watch LRG, I loved the whole thing Smile
shua wrote:Wow, that was cool. Besides the fact that the "scenery" was really cool, the track itself was amazing.
ACwazHere wrote:That was really cool. These kind of creative tracks are my favorite kind. I liked how you used both sides of the line, like in text. Great ideas. Also dat track was fun as hell. Nice. Cool.
LineMagiX wrote:This track made me laugh, in a good way ofc. :P As I was watching it was really apparent that you're a scener at heart. I could just imagine the struggle of trying to make flings and stuff and in your head your scenery instincts are going "OH MAN THIS WOULD LOOK COOL SO IM GONNA MAKE DAT!! 8D"
Well done!
Rafael wrote:Pies, that are ossum. Ossumpies. I LOVED this dude! Apart from the creative scenery, the track displayed some real skill as well. The flow was very refreshing, it's always sweet to see "oldschool" players come back with a new track, they're less affected by recent developments. I hope you'll stay for more Smile

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