WRTL Newsletter #25 - January 2017

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WRTL Newsletter #25 - January 2017 Empty WRTL Newsletter #25 - January 2017

Post by Apple on Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:39 pm

Happy New Years everyone! It was a wonderful year with lots of great track releases. Let’s keep riding the lines and hope for a fantastic 2017 as well!

January 2017

Site News

  • The staff of WRtL are working on cleaning the site up completely. We changed a few of the tabs and are working on organizing all of the posts into where they belong. If you see a post that feels out of place, please let a staff member know and we will take care of it.
  • WRtL and /r/linerider will soon be collaborating more with contests and other things, so stay tuned!

Track Releases
  • Nov 23 - form by @Chuggers - An amazing track with no music and beautiful structure. There are screenshots of the track in the spoiler which really make you appreciate the crafting of this track.
  • Nov 30 - w3lp by @alpha leonis - A crazy track with beautiful movement that demonstrates a deep understanding of the physics of Line Rider.  
  • Dec 19 - HAM by @Ride Liner - This track is wacky. It’s one of the first tracks to demonstrate singularity in Line Rider and it will totally blow your mind.
  • Dec 29 - Spaghetti by @Anton - Anton’s first scened track. It starts out riding a long continuous line and cleverly diverges near the end. A really fun track.

Unfinished and Unusual Tracks
  • Dec 23 - test track 1 by @Chuggers - A little track testing singularity.
  • Dec 30 - LR MLG by @Lukking - An odd little track. Some crazy MLG stuff here.

Engaged Riding

  • Wizzy has started up a really fun Pencil Flatsled Collab for anyone to join! If you’re interested in helping out, let him know here.
  • The results of COtM 35 are out! Check them out here.

Version Development
  • No news to report about LRA.
  • Big news! Mhenr18 (Matt) and Conundrummer (David) have teamed up with inXile to relaunch https://www.linerider.com/! Learn more about this big step in our community here.

Upcoming Stuff!

2015 Tracks
Rutabaga - Marble Soda - Sausage Rolls and Chips and Queso - Nonsense - The Sketchbook Sessions  Hummingbird - midnight adventure

2016 Tracks
Here - Hello How Are You - 12 Juin 3049 - The Mountain Will Fall - LYI - RINGS - Rigamortis

2017 Tracks
Calamari!! - Hasta la Raiź

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