Tracks desycning from music

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Tracks desycning from music Empty Tracks desycning from music

Post by rabid squirrel on Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:07 pm

Some music-synced tracks are desyncing track and music:

Light Fantastic:

Reuploads from the Line Rider Archival Project files:

Daisies: (to rabidjunk)
Light Fantastic:

I recommend going through your tracks and checking that this hasn't happened to any of yours! If you see issues with music sync on your tracks or others, let me know and I'll throw the video up on IRTLTube. If they ever un-desync or if you upload a version with correct sync, also let me know and I'll take it down off IRTLTube Smile

My theory is that this applies to some videos that are exported at framerates other than 30 or 60. No idea if this is true but it hasn't been proven untrue yet, and it seems likely.

I'll update the lists above if more of these turn up.

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