Dapianokid & Fauxfyre Melt Everyone

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Dapianokid & Fauxfyre Melt Everyone

Post by Fauxfyre on Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:03 am

This collab is about a year old. This was being worked on after Dap's track Photon but before Inhibitions. We really liked it, and wanted to finally get it out after Rabid accidentally recorded it with all my other tracks.
Fun facts:
My parts took 2-3 weeks, Dap's took 1-2 days.
Dap did very good at music syncing, even though I kept a secret the song we were syncing to until after I quit lol
When I asked Dap to collab he thought I was starting a mass collab and told me to ask in the WCC instead.

We both had a ton of fun, I wish we got a bit more done on it but what can you do now. You can see Dap's improvement over the relatively short time we worked on this track pretty clearly, and we decided to release it as it was pretty cool, but too old to consider adding someone else on to help finish.

Hope you guys like what we have! 8D


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Re: Dapianokid & Fauxfyre Melt Everyone

Post by Opal Rider on Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:13 am

Love the track to bits! The amount of improvement between Dap's fist and second part is sort of insane, even if he had the technicality down in the beginning you can just feel everything clean up towards the end, and between the two of you, the styles blended really well. Good job to both.

You literally just did lines!

Opal Rider

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