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Sylveon by Kevansevans

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Sylveon by Kevansevans Empty Sylveon by Kevansevans

Post by rabid squirrel on Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:31 pm



Created by @[senpai] kevans
Original post: https://iridethelines.forumotion.com/t10782-sylveon-kevansevans

An extremely entertaining and somewhat controversial omnitrack from kevansevans, featuring lots of flatsled.

@Chuggers wrote:loved it C:
@SethComposerGuy wrote:This was unique, loved the dense flat sled beginning, and, even though it may not have been the most technical track, it was a lot of fun to watch.
@gaoyubao wrote:I love how the flatsled parts weren't completely flatsled. Also, the flings are the kind of flings I would hang out with. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I feel it.
@Rafael wrote:Really creative of you to not use the slo-mo at all. It gave a very unique flow to the track. I'm going to use that idea in the future Smile Can't wait to see what you'll poop out next! Love your work.
Dapianokid wrote:I have anticipated this track for months and it is well beyond anything I ever imagined. The kind of LineRidering I have been wanting to see for ages. The feel of this track, the completeness and level of control mixed with nothing overbearing and the process of watching...all of these things were unprecedented, in my opinion. It was entertaining as  @#!*% .
I could watch this for hours on end.
Going on my top 5 list.
@Orthuss wrote:Aight, so the flatsled at the beginning was awesome. I'm a sucker for compact space recycling and loops and red flatsled just fits the bill here. I would have been fine with it even if it was just flatsled but wham out of nowhere comes that awesome quirk section synced to the music and it actually holds up really well and it's actually pretty entertaining to watch. And just when i thought it's settled to manuals again BAM XY OUTTA NOWHERE and whoaaa it's so good. Second quirk section was really well done too. And I'll say it again, that music sync! I can tell this was planned out really well. The flatsled sections with some manuals in the last half weren't my favorite, but they went really well with the music, so I see why you'd include them.

Overall, really dang awesome track. Hit me like a pixilate-boosted hyper voice.
Shotoku wrote:Bravo! This was amazing. The initial flatsled was alright, but regardless it was engaging and fun to watch. Then that quirk! Fit so well with the music change, and he went naturally into it. At the beginning of the quirk it was clear you weren't too comfortable with it, however as it went on it got incredibly good, made me think of Rofl's style, which is too say I really liked it. The xy took me completely off guard with how intense it was, and was probably overall the best executed part of the track. I also enjoyed the manuals mixed with the flatsled as the track went on, especially the really long ones that stretched out across several seconds. Overall very exciting, and in my eyes the actual first great track of 2015. I also want to mention this is the first track in a looooong time that I've watched at least twice in a row. Stellar job, I demand an encore!
@rabid squirrel wrote:This might be the most "fun" omnitrack that I have ever seen. So many omnitracks these days try to blow everyone's brains out with a sort of "look at all the styles I can do" feel, and this one just feels like you're having fun and making stuff that works. But the sections all feel purposeful and well-thought-out and I never got bored wondering when the next section was coming but I also never felt like they ended too soon, which meant that the section lengths were perfect IMO. The xy section was short but it fit with the music and it just kinda worked in contrasting the other sections. Coming in and going out felt totally right and natural.

This track is a triumph and a gem. Good on you for making something that far exceeds the skill level of any of your previous tracks, and also something that is unique and creative and fun - and for finishing a track that is 3 minutes long. Bravo! Hope to see more from you in the future!
@roflmaoqwerty wrote:Damn Kevans, this track was every bit the work of art I expected it to be.

I know you're not looking for technical critique, but in all honesty, I have very little to criticize on a technical level about this track, so I feel almost compelled to extol how well the track was crafted. Perhaps the most astonishing factor of the track was its consistent execution of seemingly simple tricks (i.e. flatsled, simple flings) in a way that made them appear "skilled" (which, I'll admit, is totally arbitrary). A lot of the flatsled could easily have become nubby-looking had you not been so darn consistent, but you succeeded throughout quite a long track in avoiding poor or even lazy trackmaking. Kudos to you for accomplishing with "easy" tricks what most of us can't even come close to with stupid-technical stuff; you've definitely put your money where your mouth is, and I totally support your arguments for style over technicality even more now that you've churned out an amazing track to back them up.

This is just the thing that I love so much about this track; I didn't even care about the "technical skill" of the tricks therein, simply because I was so captivated by the feel of the track as a whole. This is something I myself try to accomplish, though I tend to incorporate what we as a community consider "higher-level" technical tricks, and to be honest, I feel like my high technical standards impede my aesthetic skill. Now, I'm by no means saying that you have low standards, because you don't; I'm trying to assert that in making a track of not necessarily the highest pure technical skill, you managed to simultaneously make a track of very high artistic skill, and herein lies the debate. To you and me both, this idea of putting art before technical exhibition is a great one, and it's one we try to capture in our tracks; with this track, you've come arguably closer than anyone in the community. My goal in playing Line Rider is to discover a perfect fusion of high technical skill and high artistic appeal, since both are appreciable in their own way; this track is one of the closest that we've seen to achieving this ideal, and I truly want to thank you for it. Amazing job Thumbs Up

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Sylveon by Kevansevans Empty Re: Sylveon by Kevansevans

Post by ScrungleBlumpkus on Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:54 pm

imo the most deserved feature since wtm.

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