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Finalize 2.0 by Kramwood

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Finalize 2.0 by Kramwood Empty Finalize 2.0 by Kramwood

Post by rabid squirrel on Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:17 pm

Finalize 2.0


Created by Kramwood
Original post: https://iridethelines.forumotion.com/t9025-finalize-version-20

Kramwood's insanely high speed behemoth of a track, a sequel to a track released four years ago.

@Wolf_Spirit wrote:Just unbelievable!
@Rafael wrote:That was SO beast!
@efrazable wrote:That was an experience.
@SPL4SHZ0N3 wrote:This is beautiful. Thank you for this
@theacp127 wrote:Insane bro that was so amazing.
@Sheldon wrote:best track ever made.
@Darkness wrote:Jesus Christ... That was truly unbelievable. I will never tire of seeing your tracks.
Dapianokid wrote:My mind is blown. Jesus H. Christ, good sir! Mother of all things fast that was fast.
@Opal Rider wrote:And then the long fall started, and my roommate looked over at me, because the only words out of my mouth were "Well shit, dude." Then I was left with this big funky grin on my face. If it lasts for more than four hours, I'm calling a doctor.

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