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Resurgence Empty Resurgence

Post by alpha leonis on Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:01 am


hello dead forum.

alpha leonis

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Resurgence Empty Re: Resurgence

Post by Rafael on Mon Jun 01, 2020 5:56 pm

Hey Kramwood Smile
As on YT: This is the kind of thing I would always be visualizing in my head. Every move and twist in the music was synced to the absolute greatest detail and not a single moment was out of place (love the silence at 4:00 <3).  Incredible!

Other moments that I loved:
- The 4 direction switches from 1:48-1:51 (and groll after)
- 2:02 into breakdown
- Recycling right at the kick roll at 2:21
- Dubstep syncing from 2:23-2:25
- Entire 2:28-2:38 section
- Inverted second foot fling at 2:50, goood times
- Buildup from 3:17-3:28 is absolutely perfect. This is what I would fantasize about in my head before falling asleep
- Piano syncs throughout entire second drop
- Kickroll syncs at 3:39
- The sync with the highpass filter at 3:49 is EPIC
- The small amount of airtime at 3:50
- Syncing rotation and direction with the lead synth on 3:52
- Same but at 3:55
- In fact you nailed it right until the end from there

Thanks for making this. I'm super happy that you of all people dedicated a track to me - I loved the rivalry we had an thought you hated me after leaving WRtL. It's awesome you returned and you came back with a bang, I could never top this 👊

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