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Catgroove by Lukking

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Catgroove by Lukking Empty Catgroove by Lukking

Post by rabid squirrel on Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:43 am



Created by @Lukking
Original post: https://iridethelines.forumotion.com/t10902-catgroove-by-lukking

A massive all-blue track with some incredible bits of music syncing. Lukking is back in town!

@roflmaoqwerty wrote:I FUCKING LOVE YOU
@RyderLR wrote:Holy wow, that was awesome. thank you.
@Chuggers wrote:this is my new favorite track.
@Catz wrote:This is totally my new #1 favourite track
@LineMagiX wrote:What the hell I havent seen a track from you in like 8 years and you're way better than me.
@Conundrumer wrote:This is great because of reasons.
also wow its all blue
@Pawel3 wrote:The sync, the recycling, the blue and the fun-style...
I got goosebumbs. Absolutely gorgeous
@gaoyubao wrote:How do you have so much control over bosh? howww that was amazing and incredible and other words
@Helios Pavonine wrote:That blew all of my expectations out the water.
Overall an awesome experience that I didn't expect of you. Shows how versatile you are!
@Sheldon wrote:this is legendary, dude first track in a while where the all blue surprised me, incredible all blue highspeed taily. throughly impressed
@Z_N-Freak wrote:when he dropped without turning I looked and was like "this is cool" and then my jaw dropped and I got chills from the music sync.
Great, GREAT track. We can call this your masterpiece indeed. Damn!
@Orthuss wrote:That fakie lilypadding :O
That all blue integration :O
That all X foot shoulder granual thingy :O
That super well done compact section :O
That music syncing :O
That drop into highspeed :O
That quirk :O
That end animation into slowdown :O
That long track that didn't get repetitive at all :O
That Parov Stelar and DJ Shadow :O

I give this track a 1 :O/1 :O
@LineRiderGjert wrote:Holy excrement, this is amazing. I think my jaw dented the floor beneath it.
That drop before the highspeed part, where it feels like Bosh is "playing" with the line (in synch with the music), was one of the most entertaining moments I've witnessed in a naked Line Rider track.
And then, of course, as if only to damage my floor even further, it was all blue.
This was beyond fantastic, Lukking! Definitely one of my favorite naked LR tracks, and by far the most entertaining one I've seen in years. Bravo!
@Rafael wrote:That was incredible! Favourite moment is the 2nd position feet thingy on 1:29. My first thought after watching this track is "Lukking's grown up". In here you showed me a vision that you haven't shown before. At the start I was like "wait, am I watching pure?" Not just because of the music, your moves were incredibly funky, but they also contained the energy of good old Lukking. The sections were all synced really on point and I think you did excellent on choosing styles per section, the transitions all felt natural and that's rare, kudos on that. I really liked how you filled in the drop, very creative. I think the biggest plus of this entire track is that it looked like it was an absolute thrill to make. This track screams fun while having the magnitude of a masterpiece.

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