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Kevans' custom build recording service

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Kevans' custom build recording service Empty Kevans' custom build recording service

Post by [senpai] kevans on Thu May 23, 2013 9:06 pm

You ask for it, I'll provide (to my best of my abilities). Full-1080-HD-perfect-40-fps recordings (only recordings) of any effect you want. Upside down? You got it. Inversed colors? Absolutely! No effect what so ever, just plain LR 6.7? You betcha'! (complimentary color playback upon request)

Any build, any effect.

When requesting your track, please post ahead of time so I can set up the build in question. When posting, please provide the following:

Base build: This is kind of given, what build do you want it in?
Zoom level: How zoomed in do you want it? You can simply use key terms such as Super zoom, normal, etc. etc., but if you have no idea how to describe the zoom level, load it in 3.4.1 and mess around with the custom zoom in the options panel. When you're satisfied with a zoom, tell me that number you had it at.
Effect: What cool thing do you want it to do? (please note that certain effects may cause lag, if that is the case, your track will take longer to record, and may not come out at best quality)

list of effects:
Your choices include, but not limited to, are:
Color (single, or multiple. Think night rave effect)
Paint (start color, contact color)
Upside down
Blacked out
Centered camera
Wide camera
colored background

Just to let you guys know, I will not edit the recording unless if I have to counter act lag effects.

Whence you have given me what you want, I'll pm you when ready, you send the sol, and I'll have a dropbox link for you when finished recording and such. I will keep the dropbox link up for seven days, after that it will be promptly deleted, so I suggest downloading it twice.

WARNING: Due to an unwanted and unintentional side effect of flash, these custom builds may result in a track that will not play correctly (the rider crashes when he's not supposed to). If this occurs, I will notify you immeditely and you can request to have it recorded under the native build.

LR Subreddit http://www.reddit.com/r/linerider/
Discord Group https://discord.gg/0ggPNq98iruWoixw
OpenLR https://github.com/kevansevans/openLR
My Tracks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLLsxGACxkK8PYsamGoFkDABMHxahqF1G
[senpai] kevans
[senpai] kevans

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Kevans' custom build recording service Empty Re: Kevans' custom build recording service

Post by rabid squirrel on Thu May 23, 2013 9:47 pm

you might want this in the recording center?

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rabid squirrel

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