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5 unreleased haxes by kevansevans

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5 unreleased haxes by kevansevans Empty 5 unreleased haxes by kevansevans

Post by [senpai] kevans on Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:29 pm


Obviously not unreleased anymore, but you get what I'm saying. 4 of these haxes were made for my own personal use or left over jokes. I would of done a track with these, posted them in non-conformist, and used the excuse "only haxors get to hax". But as I kept getting reminded of how much of a noob I am, I kind of lost motivation. Here's what I've got.

Night Rave 3.0: This was a hax I did intend on releasing, but very secretive about it. What's improved in this is 3 new scenery lines. Blue, red, and White scenery. Now you can scene the tracks in color without having to worry about them messing up the track. Plus I went back into this, and touched it up a bit. Opens in 1280x720, and the help screen is disabled.

80 fps: One day, Lankher comes up to me and says if I could fix the 60 fps. I explain to him that if I was to do that, the physics would be different. he subdues for a bit, then comes back with an idea. He explains to me that I should make a 80 fps track, and make it look like 6.7. Then when he releases a track, we'll argue it's not hax, but it wouldn't work in an other version, not even in quirk physics, just so we could have a laugh. So I whipped this up for him, but he never actually finished the track. I also had this idea before Lankher had it, it was going to be called "expert mode", and I assumed it would be harder to play due to it's higher FPS, but with a lengthy talk with Chui Ninji, I dropped the idea.

Moon physics. Idk of this is a direct ratio of earth:moon, but it is reduced, and does have it's own physics.

LR negative. Goes up instead of down.

No gwell 6.2. this one did take me awhile to find, but this is the swf I made before I released "The true spirit of line Rider". It's basic 6.2, but the gravity well effect is removed. When I mentioned this idea in the contest ideas thread, it was really an excuse to release this version :P4


Only Night Rave 3.0 will be released to lrfb

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