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Form by Chuggers

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Form by Chuggers Empty Form by Chuggers

Post by Opal Rider on Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:05 pm


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Created by @Chuggers
Original thread

While there was nothing simple about the track itself, Form took the idea of finding one key element in the art of Line Rider and perfecting it. That element, of course, was AESTHETICS, and he followed this rule even to the point of taking away the usual background music which most riders considered to be a staple of track making ever since before the bouncy tropical techno pop remix of Tank found in Jagged Peak Adventure. This track features many unusual instances of line permeability, where Bosh might fall partway through the ground before getting caught partway in between.


@Apple wrote:That is such a cool track. The scenery was really cool looking. I loved the parts where Bosh was moving super smooth over the scenery and it just goes still for a little while. The parts near the end where it looks like he is bouncing off the lines was very well done.

@rich wrote:This track is sooooo cool! I'm going to have to watch it to every song that I like. Here comes form [delta] chuggers on repeat to pet sounds, srgt peppers, and everything carmack. Your movement was so impressive, and I can see how you tried to make the movement "loud." It really shows on the slower parts. Your manuals were smooth, with powerful flings, and quirky slows. I love it, thank you. I personally think tracks made without music is better because the brain likes to make things seem in sync, which allows the use of many songs.

@Conundrumer wrote:I really like this track. Even the slow parts. It makes me want to make a similar track. Bold choice of having no music, I respect that decision. Flow vs structure. I brought it up before but I'm glad that it's being explored it now. One method of making the structure more obvious is zooming out while the track is happening.

@Opal Rider wrote:Yo this might've been one of my favorite tracks ever.

@Sheldon wrote:What a track, made me really question what a track really is.

@ScrungleBlumpkus wrote:The form of this track (okay its a pun) boggled my mind
Mind you, I've been completely absent from the construction of this whole thing.
So I walked into this expecting to watch it, think for a bit, and take a nap
but instead I watched it in slow mo and picked it apart and noticed every little thing you did to keep it structured in such an incredibly aesthetically pleasing way. The way the track as a WHOLE looks is such an important artistic feature of the game, one which I've always been in love with. You've done gone and taken it to another level using perfect fling technique, cleverness with curves and taking advantage of the natural directions and shapes of tricks in the game.
The very canvas bosh flies over itself is transformed into lines and shapes and swirls and details, like putty in your mighty hands.
This track still manages to keep things very precise rotationally and directionally on the frame level, which shows what happens when rotation and direction and cleanliness and structure and the like are all mixed together in one beautiful package. There are many different ways to blend the variety of aspects and textures of a track, you just happen to have stumbled upon an incredibly beautiful and intentional one.

Masterful work, Chuggers.

P.s. I have been watching you over years, to see you concoct the formula you used to make this track. It warms me to see you striking this chord so triumphantly. I would never say this is the height of all LR, no track deserves such glory. But damn, if you've ever inspired me!

You literally just did lines!

Opal Rider
Opal Rider

Aestetikally appealing

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