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Well Tempered Kramual by Sheldon and Anton

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Well Tempered Kramual by Sheldon and Anton Empty Well Tempered Kramual by Sheldon and Anton

Post by Opal Rider on Sun Jan 10, 2016 12:30 am

Well Tempered Kramual

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Created by @Sheldon and @Anton
Original thread

Before this track was made, an all kramual concept sounded like the least amount of variation ever in a track. And then this duo breaks the trick in every way possible. Expect the unexpected.

@Helios Pavonine wrote:I... I... I ... what. THIS IS THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY THING. I LOVE THE ENDING.

You guys have outdone yourselves. Holy damn.

@Lukking wrote:WHAT HAVE YOU DONE......you broke the game. This is the most revolutinary thing since gravity wells!

@SethComposerGuy wrote:What did I just watch? I keep pinching myself to make sure this isn't just a dream. Also how? What? umm, What? ummm ..... what? I mean How?

@Chuggers wrote:this is so good that i didnt even notice the electro swing

@Z_N-Freak wrote:This is fabulous. Was smiling throughout the track. Jaw drop at angledkramual airtime!!!

You literally just did lines!

Opal Rider
Opal Rider

Aestetikally appealing

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