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Ahead of the Curve by boo

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Ahead of the Curve by boo Empty Ahead of the Curve by boo

Post by rabid squirrel on Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:08 pm

Ahead of the Curve


Created by boo
Original post: https://iridethelines.forumotion.com/t8655-ahead-of-the-curve-boo

Another better late than never, here's boo's hypnotizing highspeed manual track from 13 months ago!

@efrazable wrote:Tdhoant wtafs reeaatlulry nee.a t
@Helios Pavonine wrote:This was a really cool track
@SPL4SHZ0N3 wrote:
This track is velvet´╗┐
Kevansevans wrote:Dude, that was so chillax
@pure5152 wrote:those rolls were insane!
@Rafael wrote:Reallly cool. Unbelievable how quickly you pooped this out!
@roflmaoqwerty wrote:That way you put your wells in your integration is just awesome Very Happy
@gaoyubao wrote:wow, boo is not only the king of grolls, but he's now the king of barrel rolls!
The combination of invisible UI and a close zoom makes the highspeed seem surreal, as if bosh wasn't travelling super fast but instead was dancing around a moving line.
@Enil wrote:For some reason that song flowed so well with the track. I loved it. Those freaking rolls were borderline orgasmic.
@ACwazHere wrote:Holy crap that was spectacular. I need to watch this again after drinking a lot of coffee.
@Cereal wrote:Very.... fluid track. That's the best way I could describe it. I like how it was one continuous stream of movement.
You have some of the best high speed granuals ever and I admire your decision to include some head riding. Wink

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