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Post by rabid squirrel on Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:55 pm

I Ride the Lines Site Rules

Relax, Have Fun, and Be Nice. Treat others as you would like to be treated. And chill. It's just the internet.

Some More Specific Guidelines:
  1. No Spam
    1.1 Posting content for no relevant reason
    1.2 Posting twice in a row without a good reason
    1.3 Bumping without a reason (posting in a thread that's more than a month old NOTE: doesn't count in Line Rider Tracks or Featured Movies sections because those are sorted by topic start date)
  2. No Flaming
    2.1 Anything that insults or hurts another member, including trolling
    2.2 Steer clear of racial, political, or religious discussion
  3. No Porn or Questionable Material (up to the staff's decision)
    3.1 This includes torrents/piracy
  4. No Advertising
    4.1 Anything unrelated to Line Rider that costs money is off limits unless endorsed by the staff
  5. Anything else the staff considers disruptive to the community
- Don't have an obnoxious signature (keep it under 250px high and don't stretch the page - the staff will fix it for you if they find your signature is annoying or too large)
- Don't abuse duplicate accounts. If you wish to "start over," we can deactivate your old account - Just PM an admin. If we find you have been abusing your duplicate account, both accounts will be punished. Trust us, you don't want to have to start over every time we catch you.
- All these rules also apply in the livestream, your avatar, and any other content from you in general! You have been warned. If you're a pain in the rear in general, be prepared to get at least a stern word in your general direction.

If you break these rules, you may be warned by the staff. If you continue to cause trouble you may be banned for anywhere from a day to several months. We will permanently ban any account that was created solely to cause trouble. Note that the key factor in how much we punish you is if what you did was intentional or not.

If you see someone break these rules, please report the post or PM a staff member if it was not in a post.

Thank you for reading Smile
rabid squirrel
rabid squirrel

I'm the artsy person round here

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