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Re: Ahead of The Curve - boo

Post by LineMagiX on Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:49 pm

Thanks you guys. ^^ I appreciate all the feedback, good or stupid. (I'm kidding, all of it is good. I'm sure you guys, like rabid and raf know that I'm not the best with manuals and understand that I wasn't trying to make them perfect.)

but one thing, I have to point out:
@Wizzy wrote:The overall track is too repetitive. It's one speed throughout and gets predictable at points although it had some really cool moments that were quite notable.
There is no way the track is one speed throughout the whole thing. It ranges in a healthy way throughout the track (to me). Most of it just builds up and gradually goes faster and faster or slower and slower as it goes on. What I mean is, some parts were around 20 ppf, others were 40-50, 70-80, and even as high as 120 ppf. (Insane) It just may be hard to see without that interface. :P I didn't want any drastic speed changes though, so I stayed away from that.



@Cereal wrote:Hell yes ..since CC is being a little b*tch.

@rabid squirrel wrote:it's more dumb but less stupid

@Hedgehogs4Me wrote:Nigga you know what I meant.
Alright, seriously, let's stop this now before we set a bad example. xD

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