Beta 3 7.4 [Finished]

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Beta 3 7.4 [Finished]

Post by [senpai] kevans on Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:44 pm

Ummm.... Merry Christmas?

Features that got implemented:

Line Counter
Speedometer Fix (ty Mhenr for noticing this) gravity was removed from the calculation, allowing 0 ppf.
Smooth Pencil Drawing
Trapdoor lines improvement Aimed for being less laggy. Dissolves faster.
Deceleration Lines replaced with Glass/cyan lines At speed greater than 15 ppf, at any angle, line affects Bosh for one frame, then dissapears.
Added riders, and unlocked seasonal riders
Removed Angle Limit
Draw in Start Point and Camera Triggers To access settings for start/camera, player must hold Shift+Z, then click on start/camera. D still drags either one.
Load Track button
Removed help menu, tool tips, and quick tips
Sticky Slow Mo Functions like 6x
Superzoom without holding shift
Color Play
Playback Info added Timer: Minutes:seconds;Frames in second, Speed, Top Speed, Time of top speed
Removed Unnecessary Coding
Vectorized UI

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Re: Beta 3 7.4 [Finished]

Post by Cereal on Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:35 pm

Lawl, and you said you'd stop making hax. Wink

Nice job with this one; I'll see how I feel about these new line types.

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Re: Beta 3 7.4 [Finished]

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