Redcap's Videos

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Redcap's Videos

Post by rabid squirrel on Sun May 01, 2016 12:38 pm

So redcap took down all his videos in 2009, and then reuploaded them. Well, some of them. 7 of them. But he made TONS of tracks and most of them are gone. So, if anyone has videos or .sols please post them!

Wish List:
- Helium (I think)
- Neon
- Argon (I think)
- Krypton
- Hydrocodone
- Alloy
- YinYang
- Sinister
- Line Goblin
- Katana
These are just the ones that I could track down names of from MOTW records and his history of threads on WRTL. I'm sure he uploaded tons more.

Playlist of everything and all the collabs I can find for the moment:

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