To The Moon (music video)

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To The Moon (music video)

Post by Rafael on Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:03 pm

Alright, assuming there's spirit to do this.. Let's do this. We're going to make an unofficial music video to To The Moon by Bensley.

Who Is Bensley:
Bensley is one of the biggest talents of Drum & Bass at this point. I sent him a message in Feb 2015 asking if he wanted to critique my tracks, which he did. We met in October, and have regular contact. Very Happy This is his Soundcloud description:
"Never before in Ram Records’ 20+ year history has a story as unique and exciting as Bensley’s unfolded. No previous releases. No previous DJ shows. The 1̶9̶ (now 21) year old Canadian sent a demo to his favourite label in December 2013 and was signed exclusively within weeks. Embodying the spirit of ‘letting the music do all the talking’ with an added aspirational emphasis that talent really does get spotted amidst the oceanic pools of internet creativity, Bensely’s productions blew the roof off Ram’s Hornchurch HQ on first listen.

Digest his sounds and you’ll understand just why Ram Records snapped him up so quickly. Teetering on the precipice of dark drama and majestic melody, his compositions capture the essence of everything that’s exciting in drum & bass right now. Instantly resonating like you already know them, yet sounding like nothing you’ve heard before, Bensley productions convey a contemporary energy and dynamic that’s instantly distinctive.

Dig into his past and you’ll understand just why Bensley creates the music he does. Influenced by his talented jazz musician grandfather, Bensley is an accomplished saxophone player who travelled throughout Ontario and won various awards as part of his school band. Just as inspired by jazz pioneers Dave Brubeck and Charlie Parker as he is by Loadstar and Wilkinson, his arrangement and chord progressions knowledge goes much deeper than a DAW interface.

When he’s not buried deep in studio science, the Toronto-based artist can be found wakeboarding, gaming and working at a local grocery store. Uninspired by his software development studies, Bensley quit college late 2013 to focus purely on the music. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine a deal with drum & bass’s biggest label would land so quickly… And he’s eager to live up to every challenge such a unique story will throw him. Stay locked."
So yeah, I'm not the only one stoked about him 8D

The song
I think this is the best song for us to pick, due to its variety and evolution throughout. It's also Bensley's proudest (although not most popular) work. This track will be scened!

I have a global idea of what this could look like, but feel free to propose something else!

0:19 - 0:38 Bosh wakes up in dark woods, not knowing where he is. He hangs on branches and tries to get out.
0:38 - 1:16 Bosh leaves the forest area and goes through an area with a lot of hills. He nose manuals his way into a city.
1:16 - 1:35 Bosh gains speed and goes up into the clouds. Somewhere in this area there is a big moon monument.
1:35 - 1:55 Bosh reaches a city centre.
1:55 - 2:14 Bosh goes out of the city centre and reaches some kind of industrial area.
2:14 - 2:43 A rocket launch site! All kinds of spacecraft come by, and Bosh gains a lot of speed at the end
2:43 - 3:03 LAAUNCH! Into the sky. It'd be amazing to have some kind of extreme-speed animation in this with the bassline at 2:58, and then land onto a moon landscape.
3:03 - 4:30 Riding on the landscape, and returning to Earth (perhaps his house) at the end. Don't have an idea on how to divide the last 90 seconds though.

We need to keep this available, there will be only simple tricks. I'm thinking flatsled, nose manuals, tail manuals and an occasional gwell.

Do you think it's a good idea to create this in night-mode? I do get a night vibe from this.

Suggestions are welcome! Who wants to start?Very Happy

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Re: To The Moon (music video)

Post by rabid squirrel on Sat Feb 13, 2016 7:28 pm

moving this to the WCC

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