Clarifaction Scened by The CSP

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Clarifaction Scened by The CSP

Post by rabid squirrel on Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:16 pm

Clarifaction Scened

Created by The WRTL Community Scenery Project
Original post:

The oldest CSP and largest collab ever is finally released!

@Lukking wrote:WRTL for Legend!
@efrazable wrote:Twas probably the best one so far Very Happy
@OTDE wrote:That was an absolute blast to watch! Loved seeing all the variety in parts Smile
@Conundrumer wrote:this was very pretty and also clever fling scening!
@Helios Pavonine wrote:I think this is one of the better scenery projects. More coherence Smile Well done everyone.
@VividRedemption wrote:Unf that was buttery smooth.  Smile Amazing that its as uniform as it is, lots of variety, but it all works together and feels super cohesive.  <3
FreakingKoalaMan wrote:I think this is better than Silent Flame, and I really like Silent Flame. Really well done everyone, such pretty scooneroo. Hope there's another in the future Smile

the track was really nice too. Great job on Hkay's part!
@roflmaoqwerty wrote:OH BABY
This is legendary. I love every project the CSP puts out, simply because of how fun it is. I can easily imagine how much fun it was for the participants to scene this, just from watching it; this is a rare feeling in LR, but these tracks do it every time.

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