Emotional reactions from tracks?

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Emotional reactions from tracks?

Post by rabid squirrel on Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:14 pm

Christmas is always a nostalgic time, so let's talk about tracks that we respond to emotionally. Please share!

Tracks I have a strong emotional response to:
(ended up being a super long list, ~24ish I think)

Cosmic Altair by SamThePoor
music/lyrics (What's the point of waiting / For life to come? / I could go further / And no one's surprised... / Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart...) combined with the fact that Ultimatum never came makes me sad

Transcendental by TechDawg
I always get shivers at the houses at the end, and I always have this huge feeling of pride because of how much he took my review of Monumental to heart and how you can really see the difference it made

Quirker's Laboratory by Hedgehogs4Me and Cephyric
The intro is so real. We've all been there in this community at one time or another. And the feeling of collabing with someone on something that you both are proud of.

Pendulum by anomaly76
Never fails to make me giddy.

A Quirk From Quirk by FlagCapper
What a powerful message for any aspect of line rider - the intro combined with the track itself.

Lilac Wine by Hedgehogs4Me
Always makes me teary, the music + the message (and the editing if we're being honest)

MMS by Sorvius
This track has always felt to me like an absolute triumph. Sorvius was a jerk sometimes but he was also a really great guy to me at other times, and I was so happy and inspired when he ended on a positive note instead of angrily posting unfinished tracks.

Majesty and Grace by chaomocha
The most powerful love letter ever dedicated to line rider idols. You can see the ZNF and H4M inspiration and admiration in every part of the track

The River by Hedgehogs4Me
I just remember how frustrated I was that I couldn't articulate why I didn't like this track and I feel kinda weird inside when I remember it. I think most of us have been there.

Breathtaking Silence by LineRiderGjert
Biggest mic drop in Line Rider history. I am always awed.

Requiescat by SPL4SHZ0N3
What a powerful dedication. And powerful music. The whole track is such an intense experience.

Evolution of Line Rider
Of course. I always feel immensely proud when watching this.

Efflorescence by Rain of Life
the music syncing in the middle always brings a tear to my eye - partly because it shows how easy it is to make beautiful emotional art in this game.

Dacite Scened by Georgio_Jc
I always feel so good an nostalgic watching this because of how it shows how much of a community we are.

No One Dreams Anyway by Wolf_Spirit
Just incredibly powerful music syncing.

Happily Ever After by Commandercoke
What a beautiful story and artistic track. Inspiring and tear-jerking.

Sempiternal by Miracle Blood Factory Clan
First saw this when I got emails about comments on it when raf uploaded it (months after we finished it but I had never recorded it), when I was depressed and heartbroken and hadn't played line rider in months. I still can't watch it without getting choked up.

Phunner by Cereal
CACKLING the first time I saw it. Still brings a smile to my face. Nostalgic and hilarious too.

Eden 2 by Helios Pavonine (gaoyubao's edit)
Probably the most powerful line rider video editing, ever. Combine it with an intensely emotional track and I get emotional.

Handlebars by roflmaoqwerty
Shivers. Shivers every time. The song + track combo is incredible.

Phantasmagoric Heart by Kramwood
Of course. I'm sure this speaks to most of us. The fact that this was made into a line rider track is beautiful. I tear up, every time.

This is Love by gaoyubao
What an amazing love letter to this community. makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Like Christmas.

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Re: Emotional reactions from tracks?

Post by Chuggers on Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:20 pm

rebid wrote:Lilac Wine by H4M
Always makes me teary, the music + the message (and the editing if we're being honest)

Lilac Wine seriously gets me

Imo, it is the greatest track ever released, the presentation was perfect, the music sticks with me even after almost 6 years holy hell its been 6 years, and the track itself is so enjoyable.

im gonna go do something about this

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Re: Emotional reactions from tracks?

Post by Opal Rider on Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:58 pm

Lilac Wine and Phantasmic heart have it covered for me. Especially the lyrics to Lilac Wone really relate with me, so even just the song alone has been my go to feel better song after seeing that track.

You literally just did lines!

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Re: Emotional reactions from tracks?

Post by ScrungleBlumpkus on Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:13 am

Admiration, Phantasmagoric Heart, what has been done with The Black Parade, Eden II,
and Smile. These were the ones that made me go "FEELS"

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Re: Emotional reactions from tracks?

Post by Votale on Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:12 pm

Volatile by Leo.

Still my absolute favorite track ever made. Still the best. Really made me strive to be good at LR.

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Re: Emotional reactions from tracks?

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