Valence 2 by Sheldon

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Valence 2 by Sheldon

Post by rabid squirrel on Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:31 am

Valence 2

Created by Sheldon
Original post:

Sheldon's all-gravity high-intensity joyride of a track, a sequel to another similar track. Recently reposted after some drama upon release.

@pure5152 wrote:YESSS
@Pawel3 wrote:That was goddamn sick :O
@Helios Pavonine wrote:feckin' awesome
FreakingKoalaMan wrote:that was spectacular.
@SPL4SHZ0N3 wrote:Amazing stuff man!
@Chuggers wrote:holy wow you make some clean highspeed
@.Iso wrote:Wow... I have no words, that was amazing
@Opal Rider wrote:this whole thing was amazing, and I can't wait see what else you can make in the future.
@Rafael wrote:That was amazing man. Most entertaining fling quirk in my book. So many crazy flings that you'd think aren't possible hidden into Bosh smoothly wandering through the track.
@gaoyubao wrote:obviously, the double recycle was awesome. The sheltacks were awesome too. At any rate, it's better than this post is.
@Cereal wrote:So many awesome moments; I loved how there were faster and slower sections, and the slower sections didn't kill the flow.
Also, dat recycling
@roflmaoqwerty wrote:Have my babies Sheldon
no srs
This was awesome, the perfect blend of powerful misdirection and clean flow, all executed at a very high standard. Unique yet classic.

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